Tee-Owels™ T-Shirt Towel


T-Shirt Tee-Owels are the way to go!

Soft, organic cotton t-shirt hair towels. (66cm x 110cm).
Perfect for protecting curly and dry hair types from breakage, damage and frizz caused by traditional towel drying. Tee-Owels are made of high quality cotton t-shirt material that's durable, absorbent, and has a little stretch for easy wrapping & styling.

With Tee-Owel T-shirt towels you can blot, scrunch, squeeze, milk, rope, micro-plop, wrap or plop your wet curls during the styling/drying process, and be confident that you are protecting the cuticle of the hair strands as well as avoiding hair separation...aka 'unnecessary frizz'!

In contrast to the traditional cotton towel or microfibre towel (which each have a significant surface texture of bobbles and bumps), t-shirt towels have no significant surface texture, yet are still completely absorbent.

Traditional towels and micro-fibre towels behave like velcro. This roughs up the cuticle of the hair strands, something which is completely undesirable for curly hair. It also pulls individual hair strands out of the curl formations they like to form in. This creates unnecessary dispersal of hair strands, which is one completely unnecessary form of frizz!

If you're needing to leave more moisture in your hair for your hair's present needs or for your desired styling outcome, you will be able to work the T-Shirt Towel to your advantage, blotting or micro-plopping or plopping only to the point where you have removed enough water to your desired requirements.

If you are needing to remove more water, or if you just want to have your wet curls out of the way until you are ready to be 100% present for them, you can wrap or plop for longer.

For 100% cotton the usual instructions are: warm hand wash, no bleach, do not wring, do not tumble dry, warm iron.'s my usage of them...

DONNA'S TIP: I wash mine in the washing machine on a cold wash, with regular supermarket washing powder, then peg out to dry on the clothesline and they are brilliant!