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Colortrak™ Rubberised Sectioning Croc Clips (choose from two sizes)

$9.95 - $15.00

Are you sectioning off your high density or long hair for detangling or applying styling product?

Do you find that the run-of-the-mill sectioning clips simply aren't built big enough, and that they ping across the room when your hands are slippery with conditioner or gel?

At 11cm long and 1.6cm wide on the finger pad area for the medium sized ones (Pink and Orange), or 13.5cm and 2cm wide on the finger pad area for the large ones (Blue and Turquoise), these Colortrak™ Rubberised Sectioning Croc Clips are your new best tool.

Photo shows 4, but they are sold per each (individually).

Perfectly designed to work with high density hair, especially tight curl textures and long hair.

With a superior grip on a larger surface area, you have better control of your sections. The actual grip surface itself is 7.5cm long by 1.5cm wide for the smaller ones, or 9cm by 2cm wide for the larger ones.

The ergonomic fingertip pad means they will go where you want them to, and stay there.

Unique double-hinged design provides flexibility when gripping, so accommodates the hills and valleys of each section.

I honestly can't be more thankful that I found these. When working with either tight curl textures or long and heavy hair types, the average (non-rubberised and smaller) clips were my quiet little nightmare at the basin and styling chair. Every tight curl client needs at least two of these, and many of my long hair clients who section will also find the upgrade entirely worthwhile.