If you're starting out on your curl journey we highly recommend that you get your hands on the book by Lorraine Massey called 'Curly Girl: The Handbook' in which you will find 'The Curly Girl Method'...

It's like a manifesto, a bible, a manual and a resource all in one. You'll go back to it again and again in the course of learning how to care for your natural texture. 

The reason we say to get the book is that there are many aptly-termed 'rabbit-holes' on the streets of the internet, and it's easy to get lost down them watching endless iterations of other's takes on the curly girl method in the form of You Tube video's, Instagram pages, how-to's and endless product reviews. You can emerge hours later, overwhelmed and potentially confused (can I get an 'amen' from all the curlies who've already found that out?!). We say 'go back to the source', and that is both the book, and Lorraine Massey herself. 

Is any one person or book the first and final word on all things curly?

Not by any means, but you deserve to know the true Curly Girl Method (CG Method) to be able to make your own mind up and find out what works for you. 

If you're also embracing the natural silvering of your hair, we'd also recommend Lorraine's book 'Silver Hair: A Handbook'. There is also Lorraine's new 'Curly Kids Handbook' for ages 0 to 110 available. Lorraine says that these contain the most up to date CGMethod until her new updated version becomes available.

Lorraine Massey's CurlyWorldllc website and CurlByCurl Locator, and Instagram pages are also great for continual updates on international training opportunities for hair professionals, and to keep your finger on the pulse of the forefront of the curl movement! 

Here is Lorraine Massey at a promotional event for stylists and curly clients.

As the penultimate champion for curly hair, her reputation precedes her internationally.

In response to the demand for curl specialist salon services there’s now an international network of curl specialists, many of whom can trace their trainings back to Lorraine Massey.

Many are trained in the DevaCurl® DevaCut®, a brand Lorraine built over the time period 1994-2013, but now that Lorraine has a new creative space, 'Spiral (x,y,z)' in New York, she is teaching internationally, with classes in high demand for her original cutting technique 'CurlbyCurlTM'. 

In November 2019, Donna (head curl here at Curls Naturally) became the first and only NZer to become CurlyWorld trained in the CurlbyCurlTM cutting and Curly Girl Method after attending stylist training under Lorraine and one of her international CurlyWorld training partners, Saulo O'Deorain.

We also highly recommend learning from other curl experts recognised by and trusted by the international curl community as trainers... 

A page we compile on facebook called 'Curl Specialist Hair Stylists in NZ; Training Info & Directory' provides up to date information on training opportunities for hair stylists wanting to up their game on curl cutting and specialisation, as well as being a directory listing of stylists in NZ who have completed any of those trainings.

Head-curl here at 'Curls Naturally', is Donna, The Curl Next DoorTM. Donna is a Curl Specialist offering Curl Cuts, Curl Lessons, Curl Workshops. She has certification from Lorraine Massey's CurlyWorld in CurlbyCurlTM cutting and The Curly Girl Method, and has completed courses by Curly Hair Artistry, Krista Leavitt, Evan Joseph, Desert Curls, Curly Hair Alchemist and Atoya Bass.

In addition to providing curl specialist services for curl friends, Donna also offers Stylist Curl Education in Curl-Friendly Techniques for Cutting, Product Selection, Product Application, Styling and Drying. As the NZ wholesaler for the Clever Curl and EverEscents product ranges, her aim is to support suitably qualified stylists to offer curl-friendly and curl specialist services. Her website www.thecurlnextdoor.co.nz  is a wealth of information on her services.  

There are also numerous Curly Girl and natural hair groups convening on Facebook, some specific to each country and some internationally.