If you're starting out on your curl journey we highly recommend a few resources to get you on your way.

All curl types; Go to Donna The Curl Next Door's E-Guide and Free Resources.  

Looser wavy, to wavy-curly, to loose curly; follow the #MapMethod on social media.

Tight curl or tight wavy Naturals, if you want to perfect your wash ‘n go styling, there is simply no better resource than The Curl Detox Portal, Wash Your Damn Hair Digital Textbook, and For the Curls & Culture Digital Digest offered by the inimitable Cut It Kinky educators. You can use my affiliate link here to take you to their courses. Once you sign up, I will actually get a small commission, which is nice! 

All curl types; get your hands on the book by Lorraine Massey called 'Curly Girl: The Handbook' in which you will find 'The Curly Girl Method'. 

These and others are whom Donna, owner-operator of Curls Naturally, has taken professional education with. Read more about her work as a NZ Curl Specialist and Stylist Educator.

The reason we say to go directly to the sources is that you will avoid going down the endless rabbit-holes of curly hair content created by influencers...emerging hours later, overwhelmed and potentially confused. Instead, follow the curl specialist educators and the curl specialist stylists themselves.

In response to the demand for curl specialist salon services there’s now an international network of curl specialist educators and curl specialist stylists.

To this end, Donna founded 'Curl Specialist Hair Stylists in NZ; Training Info & Directory' in 2018, to help stylists interested in becoming proficient at curl specialist cutting and styling find helpful information, and for anyone wanting to find stylists in NZ who had completed such education to be listed and found by curly people.