Pastel Continuous-ish Mist Spray Bottle


Curls are thirsty, and more often than not need hydration!

Adding water back in during certain stages of the styling process is all about hydrating those curls and encouraging curl clumps.

Whether you're a wet-refresh-er or a wash-day-styler, a Continuous-ish Mist Spray Bottle is a super-helpful way of adding water back into your locks.

It is a non-aerosol, trigger activated, pump bottle which mists water in an almost continuous and consistent motion for the duration of your pumping.

The light mist reaches nook and crannies in your curls that wet hands can't, and is superior to the (garden-variety) kind of spray bottle that squirts a jet of water in a single spot.

Comes empty.

Turn the top part anti-clockwise to unlock, fill the canister part with water, and lock the top part back into place with a firm twist clockwise.
Simply fill with water and screw lid on. (secret squirrel tip - some people add a small amount of their favourite conditioner to the water and use as a conditioner)

No propellent or chemicals involved.

300ml size.