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Pamper Caps™ NightCap Sleep Bonnet Chocolate/Black

$35.00 - $51.50

You've set your curls and they look amazing... (of course!)
Now you want to protect all that hard work overnight by using a NightCap!

So before we get our nighties in a twist, just tuck your lovely curls into the bonnet and sleep knowing that the morning routine will be So-o Much Better.

NightCaps are made from lightweight, gorgeous, super-smooth Charmeuse Satin on both sides, so are fully reversible. The satin will provide minimal friction - unlike cotton - and allow your hair to lie tenderly inside it as it protects your locks from tossing and turning while you sleep. The elastic around the edge will keep your cap in place while you sleep.

- Place the NightCap on your head, satin side against your hair.
- Carefully push your hair up inside the cap.
- Alternatively, if your hair is longer, you may wish to loosely tie your hair up first, then pop your NightCap on your head.
- Alternatively, if volume is an issue and you'd like more of it, tilt your head upside down and feed your hair into the NightCap (you can also use a loose tie if you wish). There are no rules here - try out all these options and see which works the best for your hair!

NightCaps are machine washable. Air dry only (not suitable for tumble drying due to the charmeuse satin being so delicate). If your NightCap moves around a lot during the night, you may wish to secure it with one or two bobby pins at the temple. The choice is yours.

All squashing of curls results in flattened areas. Lying on your pillow results in squashing of curls. It the nature of natural fibre (aka, your hair!). But once you take the bonnet off and give your curls a shake, the natural motion and expansion of your hair will occur, and you'll be pleased you preserved the lengths of curl families like you have.

My discoveries:
If you have a curly fringe, the bonnet has space for these curls to stay tucked in place.
If you have soft, fine, wispy curls that stretch under the tension of a wrap of buff or clips or a pineapple, a bonnet offers roomy space to 'tuck' rather than stretch.
I wear my cap loose down on my forehead, so the elastic is really only holding the general shape of the cap loosely (with my curls tucked up inside), not functioning as a tight elastic band anywhere. I'm not a tidy sleeper, and I'm off a certain age, so the cap falling off, and heat, are shared concerns I have with many of you. I have found that these have not been an issue.

Short - Suitable for those with shorter hair or those with very fine shoulder length hair.
Mid Length - Suitable for those with up to bra-strap-length hair or those with shorter hair but lots of it.
Long - Suitable for those with long or very thick hair.

Here at Curls Naturally, we love Pamper Caps!

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