Banana Clips with Matte Finish


These! Bring a waterfall effect to your latest up-do and banish the ponytail to lockdown level 4 days at home.

With a stylish matte finish in fashionable colours these banana clips will have you rocking those curls like it's the 80's, re-instating the curl confidence that comes from knowing you have stylish options all over again!

The added bonus of the design is the width from the claws to the other side. This adds lift to your waterfall so that it doesn't fall flat to your scalp but is pushed outwards a little.

After hunting around for a clip series that is beautiful, modern, and not too formal or sparkly, these are the designated winner in my book!

Lean backwards and look upwards, and allow your hair length to fall behind your neck.
With the banana clip in an open position, begin to close in on the hair from the bottom up. Once you have the amount of hair that you want to be in the clip in place, simply twist the closure end into it's closed position.

I wear these with face-framing pieces left out, or all up in the clip for a 'faux-hawk' style.

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