11 WASH DAY Tips to level up your CURLY HAIR HYDRATION from Donna the Curl Next Door


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Curl hair is naturally drier than other hair textures. To satisfy it's thirsty nature you need an excellent foundation of hydration. This comes first and foremost from your wash day routine.

Donna's 11 Wash Day Tips will help you to level up your curly hair hydration routine and provide the hydration levels that your curls will love.

This is a simple A4 print-out, enclosed with your order :)

In my own journey as a curly girl and in my journey of training under Lorraine Massey, whom for over 30 years has been championing curls the world over and authored best-selling books 'Curly Girl: The Handbook' and 'Silver Hair; A Handbook', in which she penned The Curly Girl Method, I have found a fail-safe method and approach to curls that works.

In my journey of learning I've also trained under Curly Hair Artistry, USA and taken courses from internationally trusted and recognised curl specialists offering education; Krista Leavitt (Canada's top curl specialist), Evan Joseph (EJ Education), Atoya Bass (USA), Meg Conkling (Curly Hair Alchemist), Loni Jean Lafinier (Desert Curls).

Each has their own aesthetic, their own vibe, their own expertise. Learning from these other educators, and in my experience as a curl specialist cutting, styling and teaching about curl care and curl techniques, I have also found an aesthetic, a vibe, and a synthesis of what works for me and for my clients.

The Curly Girl Method from Lorraine Massey I will not deviate from, but additional tips I do incorporate!

Curling it forward,
x Donna