Splash Happy SHOWER CAP 'Blue Eye'


Protect your curls in the shower and look super cute while you do it!

Splash Happy shower caps are soft and comfortable, so they don’t crush your curls and reduce styling time after your shower.

They adjust to different sizes, so they fit over sleep caps and even roller sets!

This Shower Cap is one we can actually feel great about wearing in public. It's designed to look like a scarf wrapped around your head, so it looks like a fashion item and doesn't look like a Shower Cap. The fabric is soft and very comfortable to wear. You can tie it as loosely or as tightly as you like, and you don't have to muck around tucking loose strands of hair into your cap. It also doesn't squash the life out of your hair!

When used in the shower, it is recommended that you angle the shower head down to the base of your neck. Your Splash Happy Shower Cap will protect your hair from splashes and humidity. If you run a tap over the Cap, you will notice that the water beads straight off. But we wouldn’t recommend standing with the Shower Cap under the shower head for an extended amount of time. It’s likely that nothing will come through, however, it’s important to note these are not completely waterproof. Waterproof fabrics tend to be very stiff and look a bit more like shower curtain material. The fabric used for our Shower Caps is very soft and really lovely to wear.

One size fits most.

100% polyester fabric.

Highly water resistant and breathable.

Machine washable.

Made in New Zealand.

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